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RILA is focused on the unique needs of leading retailers. Through involvement and engagement of members, RILA seeks to win issues to move the industry forward.
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Retailers are sometimes asked by internal and external stakeholders to report on their sustainability efforts and accomplishments. This matrix provides an initial overview... Read More

Over three-quarters of the total environmental impact from products on retail shelves occurs deep in the supply chain, including greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture,... Read More

The Retail Energy Management Report portrays a high level view of the industry’s adoption of various energy management practices. Specifically, we asked the largest retail... Read More

In an effort to be strategic and proactive, retailers are developing infrastructures that promote continuous improvement in product supply chain costs, risks, safety,... Read More

Learn how sustainability and energy projects are often well ​aligned with business objectives, how to think like a finance professional, and how to best team with the... Read More

Comparison Sets: Maturity Models & Roadmaps

The Model is a tool for retail sustainability executives to identify the management practices that will drive improved corporate and environmental performance.The Model is... Read More

The Corporate Clean Energy Procurement Index: State Leadership & Rankings was created to guide members of the Retail Industry Leaders Association (RILA) and Information... Read More

Food Lion's Energy Team has built a trusting relationship with finance and other departments. By incorporating long and short-term considerations with stakeholder... Read More

Whole Foods Market drew on lessons learned from past ad hoc rooftop solar installations to develop a roll-out plan for around 100 new systems covering 25% of stores and... Read More

RILA's Retail Energy Management Program's Resource Library is organized around the Retail Energy Management Leadership Model, a roadmap to help retail energy managers... Read More

​Retailers and their supply chains "face common challenges in gathering information on chemicals, interpreting this information, identifying safer alternatives to chemicals... Read More

This report is aligned with a tool that RILA developed in 2015 called the Retail Sustainability Leadership Model. The report summarizes retailers' current progress along... Read More

Best Buy used a leading practice load analysis process to understand their plug load current energy use, operational context, and opportunities for energy savings,... Read More

The Home Depot needed a low cost solution to meet its renewable and alternative energy targets. The retailer leveraged financing options like Power Purchase Agreements... Read More

Retailer sustainability initiatives are some of the most impressive across industries. This matrix summarizes a variety of recognition opportunities available through third... Read More

Learn more about funding options when internal capital is hard to access: Green Bonds, Tax Incremental Financing (TIF), Energy Performance Contracts (EPC), Energy Service... Read More

Belk reduced its in-store energy consumption at a single location by more than 27% after retrofitting the lighting system with LED lights. After seeing the project... Read More

RILA's Retail Sustainability Management Resource Library is organized around the Retail Sustainability Management Leadership Model, a roadmap to help retail sustainability... Read More

A company’s sustainability program helps ensure its products have a positive impact on people and the environment—from the raw materials it uses, practices at its... Read More

Retail energy managers must navigate internal competition for funds, short- and long-term budget cycles, and cross-departmental buy-in as they seek to move projects... Read More

To foster collaboration and break down barriers to larger savings, the Institute for Market Transformation (IMT), the Retail Industry Leaders Association (RILA), and the... Read More

Comparison Sets: Maturity Models & Roadmaps

RILA’s Retail Energy Management Leadership Model is a roadmap to help retail energy managers optimize their energy programs. It is intended to identify possible pathways to... Read More

adidas Group established a dedicated "greenENERGY" fund to invest in energy efficiency and renewable energy projects to overcome existing project financing hurdles. Between... Read More

Regency Centers partnered with Trader Joe's to install a 253 KW solar photovoltaic system that offsets more than 65% of the store's energy use, at no installation or... Read More

A company’s sustainability program helps ensure its products, services, and operations have a positive impact on people and the environment—from the raw materials it uses,... Read More

The priorities of the corporate communications and sustainability departments are tightly connected. Important priorities for communications—increasing employee engagement... Read More

The 2017 Retail Sustainability Management Report summarizes retailers' current progress along the RILA's Retail Sustainability Management Leadership Model. For each... Read More

Learn more about policies, fund structures, and process changes that improve access to internal capital.

There is no single accepted framework exists to enable organizations to assess and report their “circularity.”  This website explains the metrics presented in the Circular... Read More

The RILA Retail Employee Engagement Report highlights successful employee engagement in the retail sector.  This resource provides a first look at the retail industry’s... Read More

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