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thinkstep enables organizations worldwide to succeed sustainably. Our industry-leading sustainability software, data and consulting services help businesses drive operational excellence, product innovation, brand value and regulatory compliance. With a global presence in 19 countries we serve more than 2,000 companies, including 40 percent of th...
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Carbon Footprint

Book / Report | Free

Carbon Footprint - what it is and how to measure it.Climate change is of high concern, driving growing demand for carbon footprint information.This white paper is designed... Read More

The white paper provides concise information about Life Cycle Assessment, the role of LCA in codes, standards and rating programs, and the recommended application of LCA in... Read More

Building products manufacturers increasingly use LCA based information for their environmental communication.ISO 14025 consistent Environmental Product Declarations (EPD)... Read More

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Carbon Footprint of Natural Gas Transport

Book / Report | Free | Apr 06, 2017

In 2016/2017, thinkstep compared the greenhouse gas (GHG) intensity of natural gas imports to Europe provided by Nord Stream 2 pipeline and LNG import alternatives.Due to... Read More

Bring more sustainable products to market faster with sustainability software that helps you evaluate products for environmental impact and collaborate more... Read More

Comparison Sets: Business Case Resources

The Business Case for Product Sustainability. Through LCA Tata Steel is able to understand the impacts and benefits across the life cycle.

Our corporate sustainability software solutions simplify reporting, risk management, audits, strategy and resource optimization across your entire... Read More

Succeed sustainably with thinkstep software solutions, data & servicesCombines the world’s leading LCA modelling and reporting software, content databases with... Read More

Rising demands from customers and regulators for improved environmental performance and increased transparency are driving a surge in interest Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)... Read More

thinkstep worked with Johnson & Johnson to develop their proprietary Earthwards® process comprised of a product evaluation scorecard, governance system, and third party... Read More

Interface obtains Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) for all its carpet product.Interface, the worldwide leader in design, production and sales of environmentally... Read More

Carnival Corporation & plc, a global cruise company and one of the largest vacation companies in the world, wished to demonstrate its environmental leadership by... Read More

The thinkstep Sustainability Reporting and Management Suite enables fast sustainability reporting and advanced performance management.Disclosing sustainability information... Read More

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