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This tool calculates the biodiversity impact of your company's supply chain, production process and transport that can be related to one or more products. With the calculator it is possible to calculate the biodiversity footprint for multiple scenarios. It is recommended to use the first scenario to describe the current situation and to use subsequent scenarios to describe all kinds of biodiversity friendly measures that are expected to change the footprint in the near future. Below you can fill in the name of the scenario and type of product, and select the parts of the chain which you want to include in your calculation. For each part of the chain you need to fill in the most relevant land uses and greenhouse gas (GHG) emitting processes that can be related to the product. For each different land use you need to fill in the name of the land use, select the (nearest) corresponding land use category from the list and provide the extend of the area in hectares. In case a land use type is also used for other economic use which cannot be related to the product, you need to apply a correction factor based on economic allocation (see also methodology). For each GHG emitting factor you need to provide a name and select the type of GHG emitted and fill in the quantity in kilogram. The calculations are performed in real time as the user enters data. Results are shown below in a graph and tables that provide an overview of the total biodiversity footprint per scenario and the impact share of each contributing factor. 

Before you start using the calculator you should make a list of all items per part of the chain that can be related to land use and a list of items that can be related to GHG. Next you should try to figure out the type of land use and GHG, and the corresponding amounts; So for land use you need to have a description of the land that is used and know the extent of the area used for each land use item (in ha). For GHG you need to know the type of GHG emitted and the amount of emission per item.


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