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Plansup is an International Planning Support consultancy firm based in Lochem, the Netherlands. Plansup is specialized in land use and biodiversity planning on a national or local scale and in the assessment of the biodiversity footprint of companies and offers consultancy to private, governmental and non-governmental organizations.
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This tool calculates the biodiversity impact of your company's supply chain, production process and transport that can be related to one or more products. With the... Read More

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Biodiversity Footprint Tool

Calculator / Equations / Formula | Free

This tool enables a business to measure its impact on biodiversity based on the two major pressure factors ‘Land use’ (type of management and number of hectares) and... Read More

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Biodiversity Footprint Methodology (BFM)

Suite of Tools | Free | Oct 12, 2018

Calculation of the biodiversity footprint of a company or product, both for a current and alternative or future situation, to assess changes in impact and effectiveness of... Read More

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