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The Toolkit is an interactive database that helps business find the right tool to measure and value natural capital as they use the Natural Capital Protocol.
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Impact Driver: Noise & Light Disturbances

E.g., decibels and duration of noise, lumens and duration of light etc. at site of impact.
12 Resources

Impact Driver: Fresh Water Ecosystem Use

E.g., wetlands, ponds, lakes, streams, rivers or peatland necessary to provide ecosystem services. Could measure of a...
52 Resources

Impact Driver: GHG emissions

E.g., volume of CO2, CH4, N2O, SF6, HFCs, and PFCs, etc.
40 Resources

Impact Driver: Marine Ecosystem Use

E.g., area of aquaculture by type, area of seabed mining by type, etc.
24 Resources

Impact Driver: Biodiversity

E.g., impact on species, ecosystems, habitats or genetic diversity.
59 Resources

Impact Driver: Non-GHG Emissions

E.g., volume of PM2.5, PM10, VOCs, NO, NO2, SO2, CO, etc.
28 Resources

Impact Driver: Other Resource Use

E.g., volume of minerals extracted, volume of wild caught fish by species, number of wild-caught mammals by species, ...
26 Resources

Impact Driver: Soil Pollutants

E.g., volume of waste matter discharges and retained in soil over a given period.
33 Resources

Impact Driver: Solid Waste

E.g., volume of waste by classification (hazardous, non-hazardous, radioactive), by material constituents (lead, plas...
26 Resources

Impact Driver: Terrestrial Ecosystem Use

E.g., area of agriculture by type, area of forest plantation by type, area of open cast mine by type, etc.
59 Resources

Impact Driver: Water Pollutants

E.g., volume discharged to receiving water body of nutrients, (e.g. nitrates and phosphates) or other substances (e.g...
48 Resources

Impact Driver: Water Use

E.g., the volume of groundwater consumed, the volume of surface water consumed, etc.
54 Resources

Dependency: Biodiversity

A business dependence on biodiversity may materialize through some of the other dependencies above. Tick this box if ...
27 Resources

Dependency: Energy

E.g., solar, wind, hydro, geothermal, biofuel, fossil fuel.
7 Resources

Dependency: Experience

 e.g. nature-based recreation, tourism
18 Resources

Dependency: Knowledge

 e.g. information from nature such as biomimicry
14 Resources

Dependency: Materials

E.g., wood fiber, genetic resources, metals, minerals, plant and animal materials.
30 Resources

Dependency: Nutrition

 e.g. human or animal food.
20 Resources

Dependency: Regulation of Biological Environment

e.g. pollination, crop pest control.
18 Resources

Dependency: Regulation of Physical Environment

e.g. flood attenuation, water quality regulation
30 Resources

Dependency: Regulation of Waste and Emissions

E.g., waste assimilation, noise and dust regulation.
22 Resources

Dependency: Water

E.g., Fresh water (ground, surface or rain) or sea water.
38 Resources

Dependency: Well-being and Spiritual/Ethical Value

e.g. employee satisfaction and stress release, sacred sites and indigenous traditions.
17 Resources