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Water Risk Monetizer (2014)

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Primary Functions:
  • Access actionable information to help businesses understand and quantify water-related risks in financial terms
The Water Risk Monetizer estimates the value of water scarcity in monetary terms. It looks at the amount of water available at a specific location, the amount of water used/needed by a facility, additional demands on the supply of water and the impact of a facility’s water use on the watershed. The result is a water risk premium that quantifies the full value of water scarcity to a facility in monetary terms.

The tool is designed for use by a range of business decision makers, including:

  • Business site decision makers (corporate level) – individuals and teams setting enterprise business strategy (supply chain, operations, quality, engineering, sustainability)
  • Facility and operations managers (site level) – individuals and teams responsible for improving performance at the site level
  • Business consultants – third party experts helping to shape corporate strategy and decision making
  • Nongovernmental organizations – organizations influencing global water stewardship practices


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