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The New Sustainability Advantage: Seven Business Case Benefits of a Triple Bottom Line describes a compelling business case for sustainability strategies. It shows that if a typical company were to implement best-practice sustainability approaches that have already been used by real companies, it could improve its profit by at least 51% to 81% within three to five years, while avoiding a potential 16% to 36% erosion of profits if it did nothing. There are free videos of presentations about this company-level business case on the book’s webpage.

The Sustainability Advantage Worksheet is a free, open-source Excel version of The New Sustainability Advantage book. It helps users calculate how much more revenue, savings, and profit their company could make if it simply implemented proven, best-practice sustainability strategies. It monetizes the potential pot of gold at the end of the sustainability rainbow if the company went all-in on smart environmentally- and socially-beneficial actions and became more future-fit. Help videos provide guidance on how to use the sections of the worksheet about each benefit area.

If the business case is powerful enough for executives to consider undertaking initiatives that would help reap some of the identified business benefits, the Sustainability ROI Workbook (see its separate posting) would be used to  frame a CFO-friendly cost-benefit analysis for each project.

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Types of Value Visible & Submerged
Categories of Value Environmental & Social & Governance & Risk
Sources of Value Customer & Market & Operations
Includes Sample Data Yes


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