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Suite of Tools | Freemium | Jan 15, 2016

This application enables the calculation of characterized indicators that describe the effects of processes on the performance of various environmental systems. The LANCA® calculations are based on geoecological classification systems and make use of site-specific input data. The ecosystem functions of erosion resistance, mechanical filtration, physicochemical filtration, formation of new groundwater, and biotic production potential can be taken into account by this method within a Life Cycle Assessment. Some tools in the LANCA suite are freely available, e.g. reports. Publication Date is the date that V2 of the Characterization Factors for LCIA was published.
See email from Samuel Vionnet: focused at the valuation of soil ecosystem services (e.g. water filtration, fertility, soil organic carbon, erosion, etc) and used in the LCA field in particular. The factors are available at country level in particular and in quantitative format. Custom valuation factors can be applied.
The advantage of this method is that a change of practice can be easily connected to a change of ecosystem services, which is otherwise not possible in the method recommended by PwC/VBA. So this is particularly interesting for the food sector.


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