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Monitoring and Evaluation Course (Video Training)

Article | Free | May 01, 2020

Monitoring, evaluation, and Learning is a combination of data collection and analysis (monitoring) and assessing to what extent a program or intervention has, or has not, met its objectives (evaluation). 

Is your monitoring and evaluation system working for you? 

Are you able to provide impact reports or grant reports to your funders on time?  

Do you have data sitting across multiple systems that increase your time to build impact reports? 

While there are many tools available for monitoring and evaluation, data collection, and reporting, without a well-designed impact strategy, funder reporting often becomes chaos. Let us look at the challenges of current systems and discuss potential solutions. If you are a nonprofit or social enterprise struggling to compete against other grantees or investees to raise much-needed grants or impact capital, you’re at the right place!

Today, we’re diving into the biggest challenges of collecting data and impact reports. Our goal is to turn this challenge into the most critical opportunity that most organizations ignore - raising grants or impact capital. While many nonprofits and social enterprises collect data, most of it isn't utilized, let alone actionable. A well-designed data strategy can yield proper accountability, making it easier for continuous learning, improvement, and reporting specific to each funder. Keep in mind, most monitoring and evaluation systems fail to provide scalable solutions to aggregate results regularly. If they do, it may require significant customization and are expensive.

In our this  video series you will learn a series of topics from monitoring and evaluation framework, the theory of change, logic model, impact strategy, monitoring, and evaluation plans, monitoring and evaluation tools and monitoring and evaluation indicators


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