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Because water is essential for nearly every human endeavor, all businesses are in the water business. With climate change, economic growth and population growth putting pressure on global water resources, companies are looking for ways to build resilience and manage water-related risk.

Although corporate water goals are important, they are not enough. Since every place is different – some have issues with water quantity, others with water quality, and many with both – local, context-based solutions are needed to make a difference on the ground.

That’s where many companies are struggling today, lacking the practical tools and insights to build smart water management practices at the individual facility level.

The Smart Water Navigator is a practical roadmap that will help your facilities improve the way they use water. Based on a simple, 13-question assessment, it offers a practical guide to smart, sustainable water practices.

Using the guide, you can improve your water management and stewardship practices – setting your business up for success in a water-scarce world, operating more efficiently and doing your part in ensuring that there is enough water for all at the same time.

A breakthrough approach

Being Water-smart is an aspiration for companies that wish to operate sustainably and profitably in an increasingly water-scarce world. When companies are Water-smart, they are making water an intrinsic part of how they manage their operations for optimal growth.

A Water-smart company sets targets, builds partnerships and adopts smart water management practices at its facilities. A Water-smart company also commits to being a good neighbor in its watersheds, and acts as a responsible corporate citizen in supporting policies that promote sustainable water management. The ultimate outcome: continued business success in a world that has enough water for all.

Many companies have already set ambitious water targets and joined initiatives such as the U.N. CEO Water Mandate and the Alliance for Water Stewardship. These are necessary steps on the way to smart water management and good corporate citizenship. But a significant gap persists between intentions and action. To make a difference in the real world, action at the local level is crucial. However, many businesses lack the strategies and expertise to translate their corporate targets into tangible change at their facilities.

The Smart Water Navigator is a breakthrough approach that enables companies to bridge that gap. With its holistic vision on water management, this tool makes the connection between corporate goals and on-the-ground action, offering a comprehensive guiding philosophy as well as a practical roadmap to build circular water management at the site level and enable individual facilities to reduce, re-use and recycle water.


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