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Measuring impact of responsible sourcing on workers - Worker Well-Being Assessment Tool (version 1.0)

Suite of Tools | Free | Oct 22, 2018

This is a joint project between AIM-PROGRESS and Sedex, and supported by Impactt Ltd, to measure the impact on workers of companies' responsible sourcing programmes. The tool helps obtain insights into three main areas:
  • Do workers feels safe at their place of work?
  • Do they feel respected?
  • Is there a sense of income security & progression?
It differs from an audit in that it goes beyond compliance and measures issues that can be missed, such as worker happiness and safety. Understanding the views and concerns of people working in your supply chain provides valuable new insight into working conditions.

The Worker Wellbeing Assessment tool combines direct worker feedback using a standardised reporting and collection system, as well as delivering insights using multiple implementation approaches.
More in detail, the tool:
  • Captures direct worker feedback on subjects that workers have identified themselves, such as Income and Progression;
  • Produces a site score, using results relating to Income and Progression, Safety, and Respect, which can be used to measure worker well-being impact over time;
  • Captures data on business indicators so that worker voice data can be correlated with business performance;
  • Helps provide context for the analysis of audits, highlighting where you should prioritise action and investment;
  • Produces straight-forward quantitative data for each question, by category or site and by key demographics, which can be used for in-depth analysis.


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