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Provides information on and access to spatial modelling and mapping tools for mapping ecosystem services, water resources and the impacts of climate and land use change upon them, including the effects of policy interventions.

WaterWorld is a fully distributed, process-based hydrological model that utilises remotely sensed and globally available datasets  to support hydrological analysis and decision-making across the globe. It is a policy-support system (PSS) enabling  application and scenario analysis by users with little  technical or hydrological capacity. It can simulate the current hydrological baseline and the impacts of scenarios for land use or climate change as well as a range of policy interventions for agriculture, land and water management, mining and oil & gas  as well as  changes in population and demography.  The model can be applied at scales from local through global using pre-loaded spatial data for anywhere in the world.  Local scale applications are at 1ha resolution, national scale applications are 1km resolution and continental to global applications 10km resolution.  It is widely used in ecosystem service assessment and water risk analysis

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