Platform BEE's BioScope provides businesses with a simple and fast indication of the most important impacts on biodiversity arising from their supply chain. The results brought by BioScope are aimed at helping you to formulate meaningful actions to further assess and reduce the impact of your business on biodiversity. It not only indicates the potential impact of the commodity you purchase, but also of the upstream supply chain of these commodities. BioScope makes use of Exiobase v 2.2, enabling you to select commodities and resources purchased from 170 sectors in 43 countries, covering the largest part of global economic activities. The resulting impacts on biodiversity are calculated with the ReCiPe method, which includes the following impact drivers: Climate change, terrestrial acidification, freshwater eutrophication, terrestrial ecotoxicity, marine ecotoxicity, freshwater ecotoxicity, agricultural land occupation, water scarcity.


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