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Executive Report: Innovating for Sustainability

Book / Report | Free | Dec 16, 2012

What's Included in this Report

  • A three-stage framework for sustainability innovation. Business leaders can use the framework to identify their current approach to sustainability innovation within their team, within their division or across their entire organization.
  • 38 practices for driving innovation across the three stages.
  • Case studies from leading organizations, large and small, that are actively finding new ways to serve people, profits and planet.

Who Should Read this Report

Internal and external change agents alike can lead sustainability innovation. This report is designed for:
  • CEOs looking for new markets or who are concerned about future-proofing their organizations.
  • Business leaders and internal change agents who want their firms to generate positive environmental  and social impacts as well as economic ones.
  • Directors of product development and research and development who want tho offer their teams new approaches to product development.
  • Environmental and social justice organizations trying to make the case for corporate investment in system-wide change.
  • Industry associations that want to support the collective success of their member organizations.Above all, this report is for anyone who sees the potential of innovation to reveal new products, services and business models that benefit people and the environment. It is for the visionaries and frame-breakers who see environmental and social initiatives not as cost centres but as opportunities.


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