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Executive Report: Sustainability through Partnerships

Book / Report | Free | Dec 02, 2013

Collaboration is one of the keys to sustainability. Leaders from all sectors agree: solving environmental and social challenges requires unparalleled cooperation, and no single organization can do it alone. Which best practices enable firms to collaborate with other organizations to advance sustainable business? With help from the NBS Leadership Council, this report, Sustainability through Partnerships: A Guide for Executives, provides explicit guidance on how to select the right partner and manage the partnership process.

Divided into five sections summarizing key aspects of effective partnerships, this report is designed for:
  • Business leaders and change agents wishing to convene innovative, new sustainability teams;
  • Executives and sustainability managers seeking to advance a collaborative agenda to the C-suite;
  • NGOs, non-profit organizations, or small businesses that want to expand their network, share their stories, and learn sustainable best practices from other industry leaders.


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