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X-Degree Compatibility Climate Metric

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The X-Degree Compatibility ("XDC") is a science-based climate metric which enables climate to be treated and assessed as a specific risk category.

The XDC estimates how many °C the Earth would warm by 2050 if all companies were to operate as emissions-intensive as the individual company /industry / investment portfolio, under consideration.
As an example, if a company has an XDC of 2.7 that would mean that the earth would heat up to 2.7 °C using the XDC's computational logic if all companies were performing as emissions-intensively as the one under consideration. The XDC is calculated using the XDC model and is based on scientifically proven assumptions.

As a science-based climate metric, the XDC is able to provide answers for various stakeholders regarding climate-relevant risks within business development.
If you are interested in getting a deeper dive into the metric and its functionality, feel free to view the recorded Webinar version, by clicking in the following link:
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