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Climate Initiatives Platform

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The Climate Initiatives Platform (CIP) is being hosted by UN Environment and the UNEP DTU Partnership, through a project funded by the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment. The platform contains a comprehensive collection of information on international climate initiatives (ICIs). Those intiatives were primarily launched by so-called non-state actors. The latest Emission Gap Report by UNEP (2016) describes how climate initiatives and actions from non-state actors have proliferated greatly over the last couple of decades, and are showing no signs of decreasing in importance. On the contrary, the process surrounding COP 21 institutionalised the approach to ICIs from the international climate agenda, and has underscored their importance in closing the emission gap. It is against this backdrop that CIP aims to provide a comprehensive set of information on the existing initiatives to facilitate both a further strengthening of ICIs, and also the research of their role and impact. The CIP is a data provider to UNFCCC's Non-State Actor Zone for Climate Action (NAZCA) platform since October 2016. The NAZCA platform aims to showcase non-state commitments for climate action, and is acknowledged as structuring and mobilizing force in the Paris Agreement.


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