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New Business Models Blueprint

Framework / Guidelines | Free | Mar 01, 2016

Information and reporting demands for new business models.

A green & inclusive economy requires the emergence of new business models that are fit-for-purpose in regenerative capitalism. What are the information and reporting needs of those new business model innovators that disrupt business-as-usual and existing industries? Considering the context of business model innovation, they need reliable sources of information on key trends (foresight), industry forces, market forces and macro-economic forces. Responding to these with their own value propositions, they have different business case insights into what is relevant, its measurement and communication. Responding to their information needs, this blueprint project will capture the dynamics around the need to transform data collection, accounting and reporting in the light of those that disrupt. Consider for example how will circular and sharing business models disrupt mainstream views on the value of reporting and accounting. How will <2°C Business Models respond to the new demands of a carbon constrained economy – and what mechanisms are needed to assess the robustness of these <2°C Business Models? And how will multi-capital accounting open eyes to new opportunities to drive long-term financial value aligned with societal health and regenerative ecosystems.


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