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Smart Cities Maturity Model and Self-Assessment Tool

Article | Free | Dec 31, 2013

The Scottish Government, working in conjunction with the Scottish Cities Alliance and on behalf of Scotland’s Cities, has commissioned consultants to jointly develop a Smart Cities Maturity Model and Self-Assessment Tool that will help Scotland’s cities:
  • Assess where you currently are on the journey to being a smart city;
  • Decide where you want to be by 2020 aligned to your strategic priorities;
  • Identify what investments and adjustments are required to get you there; and,
  • Consider whether any parts of your forward program might be better advanced
     in collaboration with other cities and wider partners.

Resource Details

Resource Type Guidance document and self assessment
Guided Questions Yes
Level of Effort High
Includes Benchmarking No
Includes Roadmap Graphic Yes
Sector Specific Infrastructure
Numerical Score Yes
Client Orientation All
Includes Recommendations Yes
Focus Smart Cities


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