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The HCV Resource Network strives to identify, maintain and enhance critically important ecological, social and cultural values, by bringing together and helping stakeholders to consistently use the High Conservation Value approach.
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About Us

The HCV Resource Network strives to identify, maintain and enhance critically important ecological, social and cultural values, by bringing together and helping stakeholders to consistently use the High Conservation Value approach.

Promote the HCV approach as a natural resource management tool 

The growing demand for land is increasing pressures on communities, ecosystems and species. It is crucial to guarantee that environmental and social features are preserved. To achieve this, the Network promotes the use of HCV, a practical tool created to identify, manage and monitor critically important environmental and social values in production landscapes.

Achieve the consistent implementation of the HCV approach

There is growing concern among HCV stakeholders that HCV is not being applied consistently across different sectors, which can result in major risks to biodiversity and to local communities. Maintaining the consistent application of the HCV approach is one of the key goals of the Network. To achieve this goal, the Network produces guidance, tools and documents, helps review HCV Assessments and processes, and licenses HCV assessors worldwide.

Bring HCV users together

The Network brings together a wide range of users of the HCV approach, such as sustainability certification schemes, financial institutions, multilateral organisations, NGOs, HCV practitioners and other concerned individuals.