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Green Power Labs is a leading global predictive analytics company specializing in green and renewable energy.
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Green Power Labs is a leading global predictive analytics company specializing in green and renewable energy. We believe in a smart energy future. We work closely with our clients to manage building energy consumption and optimize energy efficiency. We provide value by delivering results; helping our clients reduce energy consumption, energy expenses, and environmental impact. Together we can create a brighter smart energy future.


Predictive analytics encompasses a variety of advanced techniques that analyze current and historical data to predict future events and effectively prepare for their impact. With the rising cost of energy, and the rapid changes in how we generate electricity, the business case for the use of predictive analytics in the utility and building space is compelling. We provide predictive analytics for distributed/rooftop and centralized/utility-scale solar power generation applications for three major time horizons:


Strategic planning (up to 25 years)

Deployment (1 to 5 years)

Operations (next minute-next hour-next day)

We’re taking things one step further by expanding into predictive energy management. Predictive energy management encompasses

Predictive analytics: Providing critical weather and energy data for building and grid operations in real-time.

Predictive controls: Using this data to optimize building and grid performance, resulting in reduced energy use, costs, and carbon footprint.

Established in 2004, Green Power Labs and its subsidiary companies in USA, Australia, China and Hong Kong have evolved into a global predictive analytics company. Using our proprietary technology platform, SolarSatData™, our solar resource experts and engineers supported by a strong multidisciplinary team have built a reputation for exceptional quality of knowledge base and service. This mandatory interplay between science and know-how has resulted in effective investment by our clients in a clean and secure energy future.