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Critical Assessment of Biodiversity Accounting Approaches for Businesses and Financial Institutions

Report | Free | Nov 19, 2018

Natural capital accounting is rapidly gaining interest, not only at the level of countries or regions, but also at the level of business and financial institutions (FIs).   The consequence of this tendency is the need for natural capital metrics and robust methodologies. For some environmental issues, such as GHG-emissions and water consumption, these metrics are relatively straightforward and already familiar to businesses. However, the situation is different for biodiversity as key component of comprehensive natural capital assessments. 
Businesses are struggling to identify approaches to measure their biodiversity performance that are on the one hand practical and pragmatic and on the other hand meaningful and relevant. This also applies to financial institutions who are looking for suitable ways to assess biodiversity performance (in terms of impacts and risks) of their portfolio of investments. 
In the light of the growing attention for natural capital accounting (NCA) and a clear demand for methodologies for including ecosystems and biodiversity into NCA, several attempts are ongoing to develop pragmatic biodiversity metrics for businesses and FIs. Faced with these multiple approaches and based on requests from its members, the EU Business @ Biodiversity Platform (EU B@B Platform) 1 conducted a critical and constructive assessment of a sample of biodiversity accounting approaches developed for or by businesses and FIs. 


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