Investors of all types want to know that your organization is going to stay in business over time. Your financial model is critical in demonstrating how you will sustain your business, whether for profit (e.g., through paying customers), non-profit (e.g., through philanthropic donations), or hybrid. These resources can help you build a compelling financial model to attract capital for your organization.

How to Create a Basic Financial Model: An Entrepreneur's Guide

Founder Institute

Article with advice and steps on building a financial model in Excel.

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Though the "elevator pitch" can indeed be an important element in the fundraising process, it is often more effective to start informal or informational conversations with investors before you need to raise money. Here are some tools that can help.

What we learned from 200 startups who raised $360M


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Slide show of findings from research on 200 startups raising capital.

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Once you get time with a potential investor, you have to make it count. These resources will help you build a compelling pitch deck, including all the essential elements.

The Ultimate Pitch Deck to Raise Money for Startups


Article about building a pitch deck, plus downloadable template.

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Once you convince an investor of your vision and roadmap, you still have to structure the deal and agree on terms. This curriculum will help you understand and negotiate terms, prepare for due dilligence, and structure the deal.

Due Dilligence Checklist

Go 4 Funding

Comprehensive due dilligence checklist.

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